How we work

Your private label clothing manufacturer partner in 4 easy steps:

Pattern making

We develop patterns based on the client specification, sample image or tech pack of styles we receive. During this process we will develop a fit sample in rough fabric in order to ensure if the specifications are met and to correct it if the specifications are not met.

Sourcing and buying

Having a strategic location and with easy access to all kinds of fabrics, prints, trims and accessories we can assure small lead times when it comes to development and production. We try to understand our client’s unique requirements regarding fabrics and prints.

Sample development

The sample development is done keeping in mind our client’s instructions and specifications. In this stage we do not start the bulk production process until we don’t have our client’s approval regarding samples.

Bulk production

During this stage we just follow the sample approved by the client and also during this stage we develop custom tags and labels and then send them to our client as ‘ready to sell’ items. This stage is followed by the finishing, quality control inspection and packaging.

Start you private label project

Today, our network of private label manufacturers from Romania consists of over 20 factories from kids wear, women wear, men wear to leather bags, leather shoes, towels, bathrobes, shirts, t shirts, socks and underwear.



1. We are a one stop shop private label clothing manufacturing organization with services from design to custom clearance available for customers around the world.

2. We focus on quality as quality has been and will be an integral part of our association. This enabled us to be one a very important supplier in the private label clothing industry.

3. Affordable prices. We know that in order to maintain quality and cost effective prices is a big challenge. But with expertise and experience we have managed every time to keep the prices competitive for our clients.

4. On time delivery worldwide thanks to a dedicated logistics team.

5. Low minimums when it comes to the minimum order quantity. We start as small as 100 pcs/style with 5 minimum styles.

6. Skilled manpower. Romania’s tradition when it comes to private label clothing manufacturing keeps on going today as this industry grew every year, making Romania the 1st manufacturer and exporter in EU in this sector.

7. Up to date infrastructure. Our association invests in research and development in order to keep a competitive advantage in the private label clothing industry.

8. International business practice. We have a team who deal’s daily with international clients.

9. Guaranteed customer satisfaction. We like our clients to have all the time control in the manufacturing process in order to have at the end a great product and satisfaction.