Private label ROMANIA

Our mission is to offer companies across the world a helping hand sourcing and buying the products they need from Romania. We typically start our collaboration by understanding our client’s needs and expectations in terms of quality, quantity, lead time and costs. We continue by sourcing and qualify suppliers in order to start a formal business relation, creating the samples and finally production and delivery.

Strategic advantages for ROMANIA

Romania’s strategic location and low political risks makes it one of the best places for sourcing and buying private label products in region and Europe. In terms of competition the main ones are Turkey and China. If China is far away and relatively low political risk, it’s difficult to find suppliers who can work in small batches thus helping you have an economy of scale. On the other hand, Turkey is relatively close to major European markets, but in recent years high political risk made Turkey an unpredictable country. Also in terms of logistics and transportation, both China and Turkey are not very competitive. A container from China could have 32-45 days of transit time, while Turkey has 2 to 4 more days than Romania. Currency is another issue; both Yuan and Turkish Lira are volatile and unpredictable. In Romania, all the prices are quoted in Euro (for EU member states) and US Dollar (for countries outside EU). Putting all the facts together we can see that Romania represents a reliable and strong business partner.

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