Private label shoe polish

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Private label shoe polish.

1) Convenient to use; 2) cleaner sponge in a plastic pouch; 3) soaked in a special colorless composition; 4) suitable for multiple use. Dimension: 12 x 6 cm. COUNTRY OF ORIGIN: POLAND

Private label baby wet wipes.

Wet wipes especially made to clean and nourish the skin of your baby, without irritating it. No alcohol. Packaging: 36 pcs (travel pack), 60 pcs, 72 pcs, 100 pcs, 120 pcs (economical pack).
Private label shoe polish. COLORS Coloring packages (boxes) as per your request. PRINTING Printing on the packaging are carried out by the method of screen printing or in the form of multi-colored label. COSTS Costs are calculated individually, depending on the number of pieces ordered.